Why Choose Hotel and Hospitality

  • The Industry will need 3.5 million skilled employees over the next five years.
  • In next two years International Hotel Chains will Invest Rs. 43,300 Crore in Indian Hospitality Sector.
  • Over 40 new hotel chains with 150 new Hotels entering the Indian Market, the hospitality sector is reaching its peak. Opportunities are in numerable.
  • The Hospitality industry being service intensive, has a wide range of jobs on offer.
  • It is exciting fun loving, gla morous industry.
  • For those with the specialised training, growth is limit less.
  • The Tourism & Hospitality Industry is the fastest growing sector of the world.
  • It opens up great opportunities in many different fields.
  • People will never stop eating so we will never go out of Business
  • Approximately 10% of worldwide employment is in travel and tourism
  • 262 million jobs worldwide are expected by 2013 even after today’s economic slowdown.
  • Managerial positions in the industry are estimated at 600,000 (Accenture study)
  • By 2013, over 2.5 billion international tourists’ arrivals are expected worldwide (around 65% increase compared to 2007)
  • Indians are regarded as Best in the World.
  • Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, U.K., U.S.A. offers permanent residency to Hotel Management Professionals.